Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Life, or something like it:

As of late:
I know I've been horrible with updating here. Why is that? Feeling disconnected from the world, from myself? Busy contemplating? Busy living? Probably a little of all of this. I want to write. I'm reading an autobiography called, Say Her Name. It is the story of a young woman who died only a few years into her marriage to writer Francisco Goldman. It is awfully sad, but the way he describes his late wife in her curiosity and meanderings reminded me of my old self, a self I miss a bit. So Im going to attempt to re connect to that. If you are still reading this that you may partake, if you are not, that is ok too.
Lets go down the list:
Home: home is great. Amy and I moved in together in February. We live in the home she owns. There's a fun backyard to plant in and a kidney bean shaped swimming pool to swim in. The house is a little old and a little rundown, but I love it so much. The kids have a week left of school and are doing good. Heather is 16, Andrew will be 11 in July. Here is an example of a recent conversation Andrew and I had on the way to school the other day, while listening to Bob Dylan:
Andrew: Rosie, who is this singing?
Me: It's Bob Dylan.
Andrew: Is he old?
Me: Yeah, in his 60's I think
Andrew: That's old, what instruments does he play?
Me: Guitar, Harmonica, and Piano. Maybe some other too.
Andrew: How many songs does he have?
Me: Hundreds.
Andrew: Whoa, that's a lot more that Hoopastank.
Me: Yep.
....Kids are fun. I'm enjoying getting to know them on an individual level and also get a HUGE kick out of comparing their reality to what mine was at their age. I love them. Amy and I are so good. I'm blessed with lots of love, laughs, and happiness with her.
Work: Is great and exhausting. We are so busy. Maybe recession babies? I don't know but there is never a dull moment around there. For the first year or so I worked there I was terrified I was going to make a huge mistake and kill a baby. Isn't that horrifying? It is such a huge responsibility. It is only the last year or so I can get through a shift without feeling like I may cry or throw up. All in all I made a wise choice. I LOVE LOVE my job.
School: I may go back for my masters pretty soon here. Probably in Women's Studies or English. I need to be learning or I get skittish and nervous about personal complacency.
More to come. I love you.

Monday, April 11, 2011